Handed Down

Poor Boy with Vikki Appleton Fielden

January 28, 2022 Jenny Shaw Season 2 Episode 2
Handed Down
Poor Boy with Vikki Appleton Fielden
Show Notes

There's a lot going on in this American folk song  - a lost love, a fight, jail and a miscarriage of justice. This is a song that has wandered its way around the Southern and Western states of the US and was popularised by Burl Ives. It's found in several versions, including one sung by Vikki Appleton Fielden's mother, which has some unique features. Vikki and I talk about memories of her mother who learned the song at a coffee house and sang it at concerts and family gatherings alike.

We also chat about the joy of singing Broadway songs, folk dancing, being a Yankee in Yorkshire, and what it's really like to record at the iconic Abbey Road Studios.

This is a bumper episode, but it's full of all kinds of interesting stuff. If you want to hear a Bulgarian folk song here's your opportunity. We also get to hear snippets of a couple of Vikki's hilarious parody songs, and a more sober song of modern times.

But can you solve the mystery of the song's bridge? It can't be found anywhere on the internet, so where is it from? Send us a tweet if you know! @handeddownpod

Sir Gav Gets Hitched was written by Vikki Appleton Fielden based on The Marriage of Sir Gawain (Child Ballad 31), sung by Vikki and with instruments by Lynne Morely (of John Barleycorn fame) and Jon Loomes. You can hear the full version on Soundcloud here.

Interesting Times was written and performed by Vikki Appleton Fielden (lead vocals) with Ciarán Boyle (bodhran), Pete Grassby (melodeon, backing vocals) and Aeron Z. Jones (producer, guitars, mandolin, bass guitar, backing vocals). You can hear the full version on Vikki's Bandcamp here.

Trŭgnala Rumjana is a Bulgarian folk song, here's a version in four-part harmony on Youtube.

Poor Boy, and other song fragments performed by Vikki, some of them spontaneously.

You can visit Vikki's website at: yorkshireyankee.com

Vikki and I first met at Stones Barn and we're big fans of theirs.