Handed Down

The Wexford Carol - Old Singing Traditions

December 22, 2022 Season 3 Episode 5
Handed Down
The Wexford Carol - Old Singing Traditions
Show Notes

The Wexford Carol - also known as the Enniscorthy Carol - is said to be one of Europe's most ancient Christmas songs, but the truth is even more interesting. In this festive episode I take a look at the singing traditions that produced this lovely song, and put out a little theory of my own.

Thank you for following the podcast during 2022, I'll keep making episodes while people keep listening.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Wexford Carol (instrumental)
All You Who Are To Mirth Inclined (recorder consort)
Carol for St Sylvester - W. Devereaux
O Viridissima Virga (extract) - Hildegard von Bingen
The Wexford Carol

The video that started it all off - Aileen Lambert sings The Enniscorthy (Wexford)  Carol in St Aiden's Cathedral, Enniscorthy: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=440082454271246

Oldest version of The Sinners Redemption, from the Roxburghe Collection c. 1634 https://ebba.english.ucsb.edu/ballad/30252/image 

Details of the Sheffield Carols tradition from Tradfolk: https://tradfolk.co/customs/customs-customs/sheffield-carols/ 

List of the Kilmore Carols with original source books: https://www.hymnsandcarolsofchristmas.com/Hymns_and_Carols/Images/Wadding_Devereux/christmas_carols_of_waddinge_and.htm 

Copy of “A Pious Garland” http://snap.waterfordcoco.ie/collections/ebooks/177052/177052.pdf

Facsimile of “A Garland of Old Castleton Christmas Carols” https://recordoffice.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/advent-calendar-day-6/