Handed Down

Lord Franklin with Reg Meuross, Harbottle & Jonas

February 25, 2022 Jenny Shaw Season 2 Episode 4
Handed Down
Lord Franklin with Reg Meuross, Harbottle & Jonas
Show Notes

In 1845, Sir John Franklin set off on his doomed voyage to find the North West Passage and was never seen again. Said to be written by his wife Jane, it's the tragic love story that makes it a stand-out song to this episode's guests, Reg Meuross, David Harbottle and Freya Jonas.

Featuring tracks from their album Songs of Love and Death, we talk about how the project developed from a lockdown collaboration into a fully fledged album and forthcoming tour. Along the way we talk song writing and getting into the heart of an authentic story, and touch on another tragic seafaring tale - that of Hull's own Lil Bilocca.

There's also a true tale of secret folk contraband passed from musician to musician in Devon, and a lovely surprise announcement towards the end of the recording.

All featured songs are from the album Songs of Love and Death and include:

Oxford Girl
Anachie Gordon
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
As I Roved Out
and of course Lord Franklin

The trio will be touring during March and April, and you can catch them on the following dates:

18th March - The Gather, Ennerdale 
13th April Folk at Ash - Kent
14th April John Peel Centre - Suffolk
15th April Sound Lounge - Sutton
16th April Green Note London (matinee)
17th April Cantonacre - Stroud 
17th June Beardy Folk Festival 

Further details and tickets here.

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